Saturday, 20 December 2008


One of my all time favourite places in Ljubljana, since I moved here 8 years ago, is still the central market- Tržnica. It is my saturday morning routine, even if I party hard and get totally wasted, I still drag myself out of bed and go.
The first stop on the way there is coffee at Kafetino. I am totally addicted to their Santo Domingo and Guatemala soya latte, and again this is the place I am completely loyal to. I don't bother going somewhere else, because this is it, people. The best coffee in town!
Even my Italian journalist friends from GQ Italy, who I invited there, said, I quote:"Oh my god, the coffee here is better than in Italy!"
I think this is the best refference you could possibly get.
The best thing about the market is the personal contact with the old grandma's and unkles who sell their homemade products. I have my own vegetable striček, cheese lady from Pustotnik kmetija, grandpa from Štajerska who sells apples ( he's really old and often bad at acurate calculation, but so adorable, that somehow, I always manage to buy more apples than I thought;), young guy who sells the yummiest bread ( his knickname given by me and my friend is Curly Sue), and so on..
We chat abouth the weather, about the sale, we joke about the politics, and on the end I get free carrots or beetroots. How lovely is that?
Today I will be making my famous kale pie and additional spinach pie for Mushi. Mmmmm!


  1. i love the way how you put the tržnica on a plate :D yummmyyyyyyyyyy... se priporočam :D

  2. dragi, moja vrata zate so vedno odprta!;)