Friday, 5 December 2008

The sad story about the Slovenian way

I mentioned before in my previous post about Diane Pernet (the other DP) that I don't buy fashion magazines. I do like Dazed and Confused and I-D, but I also get all the information I want through her blog.
Now, it is a completely different story with the slovenian magazines. Most of them are only good to be used for cleaning the windows, or as my screen-printing base. Or, I admit, a good material for bum-flushing ( and other toilet dramas ).
From time to time there are good editorials in Gloss and Modna Jana, but most of the time not.
Where is the problem?
First, apparently in the lack of money. But this is only a cheap excuse.

Slovenia is still an undiscovered jewell with its unique talents, but stuffed with people of average skills. The latter ones are desperately holding onto the safety skirts of various companies.
They feel threatened by the first ones, so they will never ever give them an opportunity to show their work.

The above photo is an inspirational morning present to myself.
Vogue Italy February 2008
Ediorial: "Living Green"
Photography: Steven Meisel
Fashion: Karl Templer

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